Hello, Mr. Sun! My favorite face sunscreens!

While most girls from the beauty blogosphere are obsessed with lipsticks, nail polish, and fashion — I am crazy over sunscreen and skincare! Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good MLBB lipstick and I adore vegan nail polish (those 3-free, 4-free, and 5-free ones lol) in pretty pastel colors that complement my outfit! If I had to choose one or the other, I’d choose sunscreen. The truth is I can live without makeup and fashion items (yup I said it! please don’t kill me)…  but there’s NOOOO way I’d give up my trusty SPF! The mere thought of living in a world without my army of Armada stresses me out! I’ve tried a ton of face sunscreens in the past, and the ones I’ll be featuring in this post are the ones that get along with my skin type the best! For reference, I’m 21 years old and my skin type is oily. I prefer a matte finish and a fragrance-free formula! 🙂  Continue reading